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Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and often, this pain can be debilitating, affecting your quality of life. A whole host of conditions, injuries, and diseases can cause this pain, and Texas Partners Healthcare Group has helped thousands of patients find relief and get back to living life well again.

However, as communication technology advances, your options as a patient to receive care continues to expand. One such option is telemedicine, which allows patients to receive pain management treatment anywhere and anytime without ever needing to leave their home.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Through telemedicine, you can thoroughly discuss your symptoms, medical issues, and pain with one of the many North Texas pain management specialists at Texas Partners Healthcare Group. Initially, telemedicine was offered via landline telephones, but over time, as technology advanced, we now see telemedicine offered via live video chat, so you can see your provider and vice versa.

Telemedicine allows you to receive a diagnosis, learn what your treatment options are, receive prescriptions, and more. These virtual visits offer patients who live in remote destinations a chance to receive medical care. At Texas Partners Healthcare Group, we understand that people live busy lives, so not everyone has the time to come and visit our clinics. But with telemedicine, they don’t have to! Furthermore, some chronic pain conditions are so bad that physically visiting a clinic is too uncomfortable for a patient, so these visits let patients receive the care they need without more suffering.

Conditions We Treat

At Texas Partners Healthcare Group, we understand that living with chronic pain can be stressful and impact your quality of life. We also understand that each patient’s pain is different than the next, which is why we take a collaborative and comprehensive approach to treating your pain. Through a telemedicine appointment, we will thoroughly discuss your pain and work with you to find the pain management plan designed specifically for you. Our expert team of pain management providers has experience treating a host of different conditions, such as:

At our North Texas pain management clinics, our team of pain management providers understands how disruptive chronic pain can be. However, we also understand that not everyone has the option to physically visit their provider, whether because of availability, distance, or they physically cannot bring themselves. We understood the need for more accessible healthcare, which is why we have begun to employ telemedicine. Telemedicine allows us to offer pain management services in a more convenient way to more patients.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and would like to receive care from the comfort of your home, you can set up a telemedicine visit with one of the multi-specialty providers at Texas Partners Healthcare Group today!