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Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

Pain is something that many people face during their lifetime. For some, this pain is fleeting and goes away on its own. For others, the pain is nagging and obtrusive, with seemingly no end in sight. As a pain management clinic, we strive to offer our patients a range of treatment options.

Just like every person is unique, every body is different and may respond better to certain therapies.

Peripheral nerve stimulation is a treatment we are proud to offer at Texas Partners Healthcare Group. This technique places electrodes along the peripheral nerve (the network of 43 pairs of motor and sensory nerves) to help control pain. This technique is safe, non-invasive, and one of the most effective when it comes to treating specific types of pain.

What is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation?

The peripheral nervous system controls the different sensations, movements, and coordination of the body. This important network of nerves connects the brain and the spinal cord to the rest of the body, sending signals of pain when something is wrong. This system of nerves are very fragile and susceptible to injury and damage.

Individuals who are living with chronic pain because of an injury, illness, or other condition may benefit from peripheral nerve stimulation for numerous reasons. By implanting electrodes that target the peripheral nerves that are the source of pain, we can help control the pain and help patients find relief.

Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) is one of the most effective forms of treatment of chronic neuropathic pain. Once the electrodes have been implanted, we can use the electrical current to ‘trick’ the brain into turning off the pain signals it has been sending. The majority of PNS patients report experiencing reduced pain or no pain at all following the treatment.

Is This the Right Treatment for Me?

As mentioned, PNS is ideal for those with chronic neuropathic pain. Some of the conditions it that may be treated with peripheral nerve stimulation include:

What Can I Expect?

Once one of our providers identifies you as an ideal Peripheral Nerve Stimulator candidate, we will place the electrode on the targeted nerve in a procedure. This electrode is then connected to a power supply that you, the patient, are able to control.

As soon as the procedure has been completed, you will be able to return to your normal everyday activities, hopefully free of pain!

If you have questions about this form of treatment or would like to see if it may help you find relief, please contact Texas Partners Healthcare Group today. Our experienced team of medical professionals are here to support you and help you find a long-term solution to chronic pain. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the benefits of peripheral nerve stimulation.