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Tips for Treating Chronic Neck Pain After Exhausting Conventional Treatments

Aug 23, 2021 | Becki Andrus

Can you relate: you’ve been to countless doctors and specialists with no success in managing your chronic neck pain? It can be frustrating to spend a lot of time and money on medical treatments, only to find that you still suffer from the same symptoms.

Chronic neck pain is more than an inconvenience. This issue affects every area of your life, making it hard to get through the days. When your case is severe, then you’ve likely cycled through many treatments and medications to no avail.

If you feel like you have exhausted conventional treatments, then it’s time to talk to a pain management doctor for a new approach. At Texas Partners Healthcare Group, we are rethinking the approach to treating chronic pain.

How is Chronic Pain Affecting Your Life?

If you are reading this article, you likely have some form of chronic pain affecting your life. Unfortunately, neck issues often go unnoticed until something goes wrong. Suddenly your pain-free days of living change into ongoing issues that affect your work, home responsibilities, family interactions, and even your social life.

Whether you recently started experiencing neck pain or it’s been a constant companion for many years, you are likely feeling desperate to find relief as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that neck pain often comes with other related symptoms as well. For example, if you are having chronic neck issues, then you might also experience:

Our team of pain management experts can help you learn more about available treatment options. We focus on helping you achieve immediate relief while also implementing solutions that contribute to lasting results.

Understanding the Causes of Neck Pain

The term “neck pain” can encompass a variety of symptoms. For example, the pain might originate in the neck but radiate down into the shoulders and arms. Or, some people have chronic neck pain that results in frequent headaches.

To optimize your treatment results, we first get to the root of the problem. Our goal is to identify the underlying causes that are contributing to your pain. Then, we can put together a customized treatment plan that addresses these issues.

Usually, neck pain issues are most common in middle-aged people, especially those with a family history of chronic pain issues. In addition, certain lifestyle factors can increase the risk of chronic neck pain:

Since we use a holistic approach for pain management, our team takes the time to understand your needs and concerns. Then, we address these chronic pain factors, helping you regain health and balance in your life.

Treatment Options for Chronic Neck Pain

If you have already tried a variety of treatment options, then it’s likely that you have exhausted some of the most common solutions:

Our team at Texas Partners Healthcare Group offers a variety of alternative treatments. We specialize in pharmaceutical pain management and can combine these treatments with therapeutic services as well to optimize results. We prefer to focus on alternative therapies to help patients avoid dependence on pain management medications. A few solutions offered here include:

Treating an Acute Injury vs. Chronic Pain

It’s important for patients to understand that the treatment approach is different for an acute injury (such as an accident or trauma) than solving chronic pain issues. For example, if you woke up with a sore neck a day or two ago, then you probably don’t need chronic pain treatments at this point.

On the other hand, if you have been dealing with ongoing pain for three months or more, then it falls in the category of “chronic pain.” At this point, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Our approach is three-fold:

  1. Evaluation: We want to know everything about your lifestyle, injuries, and other factors that could be contributing to your pain. This evaluation is essential to help our team get a clear picture of the various details contributing to the health issues. Our evaluation includes a physical examination, as well as an in-depth conversation and questions to help the doctors provide the best treatment possible.
  2. Diagnosis: Next, we use the information from the evaluation to identify an accurate diagnosis. Even if other doctors have diagnosed you, we take the time to formulate our diagnosis. Our processes are more in-depth than general medical providers, so we are confident in the quality of diagnosis for each patient.
  3. Treatment: Now that your evaluation is done and we’ve dialed in the diagnosis, it’s time to create a treatment plan. We formulate the best recommendations based on your unique needs. This treatment approach is ongoing, with changes and adjustments as we see how the services affect your pain levels.

Our team of pain management doctors works with each patient to help you find the ideal solutions to reduce your chronic pain. If you would like more information about available services, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our Texas Partners Healthcare Group.