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The Long-Term Effects of Back Pain If Left Untreated

Sep 21, 2021 | Becki Andrus

When a few days of back pain turns into weeks or months, it could mean that you are dealing with more than minor discomfort. Back pain seems to affect every area of your life. You don’t realize how much you use your back until you start experiencing pain in even the most mundane daily activities: washing the dishes, getting in the car, brushing your teeth, or working at the computer.

Even the smallest movements can cause your pain to flare, making it hard to get through the day. For some people, back pain has become a “normal” way of living. The pain is constant, so these people don’t know life without the discomfort.

If you’ve been experiencing back pain for a while, then know that this pain is anything but normal. It’s important to work with a pain management team so you know when to push through the pain vs. when it’s time to take it easy or seek pain management treatments.

Types of Back Pain

Before you can decide what to do about your back pain, it can help to distinguish the different types of back pain that often occur. Most back issues fall into two categories: acute pain or chronic pain.

Regular occurrences of back pain, or pain that never goes away, are indications that you should talk to a pain management specialist. Over time, the continuous pain can result in reduced quality of life, limited movement, and declining health.

What Does Your Back Pain Feel Like?

When you are talking to a doctor, it’s helping to describe the type of pain you are experiencing. This information makes it easier for the doctor to find an accurate diagnosis and root cause for your condition.

Most back pain symptoms include one or more of the following:

Negative Consequences from Untreated Back Pain

What happens if you don’t treat chronic back pain? Here are some of the unfortunate long-term effects that can occur:

Signs You Should See a Doctor for Chronic Back Pain

You might be able to get by with back pain for a while, but eventually the pain reaches a point where you need to consult with a doctor. Whether you have sudden back pain or chronic pain that isn’t going away, the next step is to reach out to a specialist for personalized care.

Acute back pain might heal naturally within a few weeks. But, most types of chronic back pain won’t go away without medical treatments. The only way you can find relief is by addressing the underlying causes that are resulting in your back pain.

Keep in mind that early treatment is often the best solution for reducing back pain. If you are proactive about working with a pain management doctor, then you can avoid some of the long-term effects that can happen because of back pain.

Relief for Back Pain: Pain Management Specialists

Chronic back pain doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your life! If you want to reduce the pain and improve your living, then reach out to our team of pain management doctors. We have solutions to help with back pain and other types of chronic health issues.

When you choose our team, you can have confidence knowing that we always design a personalized treatment plan to match your unique needs. Schedule a consultation with us at Texas Partners Healthcare Group to learn more about the ways we can help.