Dilia Garcia

In by Naba

From The first Call to Inquire about the process of the visit Ms. Shari MA as extremely professional with a pleasant Voice, she was not rude at all , Extremely patience. Then we arrive and Ms Zohal front office lady was kind and good customer service. My Husband Jeff Rodriguez was extremely in pain and bad health barely able to walk. Then Dr Baber Younas listen carefully to us , He was patience hearing our long tragedy due pain spine . He was patience and you see in his body language He cares. He let my husband speak I spanish while I was translating all the health history and the reason we were here. Dr Baber Younas was knowledgeable but The way trueful .He told us his plan to help Jeff. He examine Jeff and care. Not only his talk to us clearly but upfront. But De Younas care for us as people as human been and our hardship trying to find affordable plan for us. He care I saw in his eyes and give us a big Hug. Dilia Rodriguez