Chris Beckworth

In by Naba

Dr. Younas and his team are fantastic. I’ve been dealing with back and neck pain (6 herniated discs) for more than 10 years. Dr. Younas could tell how much pain I was in and has worked out a treatment plan to relieve that pain. We’re halfway there and the difference is real.

A great doctor is terrific to find, and the experience is made even better by an incredibly dedicated staff. They are high organized, fully digital, don’t waste your time with filling out form after redundant form, and most importantly, care about you just as much as Dr. Younas.

I am specifically grateful that Zohal, the office lead, was able to help me out on multiple occasions with quickly getting into an MRI, finding and getting in with an amazing physical therapy team, and, on one occasion, rescheduling my 2nd round of injections the day before by reaching out to other patients to see if they would switch times with me.

In all, I’ve rarely found this level of professionalism and care in the medical community, and when I do, I’m all to happy to share. Thank you to the entire, awesome team at Texas Partners!