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Common Causes of Leg Pain

Aug 14, 2020 | Texas Partners Healthcare Group

Leg Pain Can Be Quite Complicated

Millions of people across the country suffer from pain in some form or another. Roughly 50 million American adults suffer from chronic pain. This pain takes people out of work and leads to countless different treatment methods with pain management doctors. While lower back pain is the most frequent cause of chronic pain, it is far from the only one.

People can suffer from a multitude of issues, each impacting the quality of life of a patient. Leg pain is a frequent type of pain many Americans deal with on a daily basis. It ranges from mild to severe and can be felt in various parts of your leg, such as your:

Your legs are complex and vital parts of your body. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to get around. When something goes wrong, and leg pain becomes apparent, your quality of life and your ability to do specific tasks will decrease.

Unfortunately, leg pain is not as straightforward as one would assume. While the cause of your pain may originate from your legs, in many instances, it’s due to an issue somewhere else in the body, making it difficult to diagnose. If you currently suffer from leg pain, contact our pain management clinic at Texas Partners Healthcare Group to learn what options you have.

Understanding Leg Pain

Everyone will experience leg pain at least once in their life. While people over the age of 50 and those that are overweight experience this pain the most, leg pain can affect everyone. This pain can range from mild to severe. Often, it’s the result of injury, irritation, or inflammation of the skin, muscles, and bones in the legs.

Joint pain is also common for those suffering from leg pain. After all, your knees and hip joints are vital joints to your body. From the many ligaments, muscles, and tendons in your joints to the many nerves and blood vessels that stretch down your legs, diagnosing your pain can be quite challenging.

Pain management doctors have to assess all of these factors to find the correct leg pain cause accurately. Pain management treatment will vary from case to case, but the pain management doctors at Texas Partners Healthcare Group will work tirelessly to find the exact cause of your chronic pain.


There are many leg pain symptoms to keep an eye out for that may hint at a more serious underlying condition. If you experience many of these symptoms, it may be time to visit a doctor. Some of the most common leg pain symptoms to be aware of include:

If you have these leg pain symptoms, you should go to the hospital immediately:

There are a host of conditions that can cause leg pain. Some are far more serious than others, which is why you need to visit a pain management clinic for diagnosis.

Leg Pain Causes 

We have already stated that there are countless leg pain causes. Each is different and may require completely different treatments than another. Some are mild and easily treatable, while others can be life-threatening. In most cases, leg pain is the result of injuries or overuse. However, a serious medical condition may be the cause of your leg pain.

Let us take a look at some common leg pain causes:


One of the most common causes of leg pain is injuries. Whether you suffered them in a car accident, while playing sports, or falling, these injuries can lead to immense pain. Some injuries include:

Medical Conditions

Unfortunately, other medical conditions may be the cause of your pain that aren’t injuries. These are often far more dangerous than the previous leg pain causes. Some of these include:

Other Causes of Leg Pain

While most of the above leg pain causes are issues found in the legs, there are still some causes that are not problems in the legs. It’s understandable for people to look for the cause of their leg pain, knee pain, hip pain, or joint pain in their legs. However, this chronic pain may have originated elsewhere.

As you can see, not just injuries and diseases commonly found in the legs can cause leg pain. Your spine is directly connected to your legs. If something goes wrong with the nerves in your spine, your legs will feel the effects.

Pain Management Doctors at TXP

At our pain management clinic, our team of healthcare experts understands how frustrating living in chronic pain can be. Leg pain is particularly challenging since you need your legs to get around. Fortunately, at Texas Partners Healthcare Group, we offer countless treatments for leg pain.

Not only that, but we will work collaboratively with a team of experts to find the cause of your pain, so we can accurately develop a pain management plan. If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for treatments for leg pain, give the experts at Texas Partners Healthcare Group a call today.