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5 Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Jun 23, 2020 | Texas Partners Healthcare Group

Stretching Has Proven to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

Your back is vital to the overall health and performance of your body. It supports the weight of your body, providing flexible movement while protecting vital organs and nerve structures. Whenever something goes wrong in your back, your entire body is affected. Many healthcare experts estimate that roughly 80% of Americans will experience some back pain at least once in their life. The most frequent form of back pain is lower back pain. Because the lower back has to support the majority of the upper body’s weight, it is put through a lot of pressure. This inevitably leads to lower back pain.

A whole host of things can lead to lower back pain, from bad posture and overworking it to chronic pain conditions, such as sciatica and arthritis. Regardless of what causes your pain, the results are often the same. It drastically reduces your quality of life, making it hard to complete even the simplest of tasks. Those suffering from lower back pain often look for pain management options, like the ones offered at Texas Partners Healthcare Group. However, there are plenty of things you can do on your own to help relieve your pain. Stretching is one useful way to help relieve your pain.

Countless stretches can help you manage your lower back pain. While Texas Partners Healthcare Group is an expert pain management clinic, we encourage those suffering from chronic pain to try at home remedies to see if they can help, such as lower back pain stretches. If your pain persists after these stretches, however, contact our pain management clinic to learn what your options are.

How Stretches Help

When many people suffer from lower back pain, they often feel like pain medication or surgery are their only options. However, that’s not always the case. A study discovered that participants who followed a 12-week stretching regiment experienced less pain, better function, and reduced need for medication. As you can see, stretching can help relieve your pain.

How does doing stretches help manage your lower back pain? Regular movement helps relax tight muscles and improves circulation, which replenishes the spine. Additionally, these stretches will also strengthen your back muscles, providing your back with more support. Your flexibility and range of motion is improved, which makes it easier to lift objects without putting much stress on your back. Stretching boosts your backs resiliency, allowing you to do more activities with less pain.

Lower Back Pain Stretches

Stretching has proven to be an effective method of helping you manage your lower back pain. There are several stretches to choose from that can help you. Texas Partners Healthcare Group has provided you with five stretches you can use to relieve lower back pain.

Trunk Rotation

Many of these stretches don’t just focus on your lower back. Many benefit other parts of your body, as well. For example, the trunk rotation stretch emphasizes your lower back, but also works your core muscles in your abs, back, and pelvis. To complete this stretch, you must:

Child’s Pose 

The child’s pose is a common yoga pose that releases tension in your lower back. Not only does it relax lower back muscles, but it also improves the mobility of your spine. To do this stretch, you must:

Cat/Cow Stretch

The cat/cow stretch moves the lower back in two directions, lengthening tightened back muscles to relieve soreness. It also strengthens the core muscles, which helps improve mobility in the spine. To do this stretch, you must:

Knee-to-Chest Stretch 

Similar to the other stretches above, the knee-to-chest stretch lengthens tight lower back muscles to soothe soreness and tension. To complete this stretch, you must:

Pelvic Tilt 

Some individuals who suffer from lower back pain may feel as though their pelvic area is stiff or immovable. This stretch not only reduces tension in your lower back and relieves pain, but it also helps bring mobility back to your pelvic area. To complete this stretch, you must:

Stretching has proven to help countless individuals find relief from their lower back pain. The above stretches are just a handful of stretches that can help ease your pain. If your pain persists after these stretches, however, give Texas Partners Healthcare Group a call today to learn how we can assist you further.